Android App Development

We are efficient in native technologies and can bring the perfect outcome with proficiency. Our experience is vast and has served various industries such as associations, healthcare, sports, travel, lifestyle, social media, entertainment, and education.

Android App Development: Our team is expertise in developing of the native Android app for your business reach. We are efficient, from planning, designing, development or deployment.

Legacy app migration to Android: Be it app migration from any other OS to Android or webOS to Android, our team can help with the migration to Android mobile app.

App Modernization: AMS Experts can help with enhancement improved performance and customizations of your existing app.

Why Android app?

Android Operating System is the market leader in terms of the number of users. It is widely accepted due to its low cost, easy user interface, and flexibility. The usability of the Android platform has built a path for businesses to bring the perfect android mobile app.

We help you succeed by bringing the top-notch solution with the latest niche technology and optimum cost.

Our Methodology:

The result oriented systematic process we follow are:

Requirement Document: We initiate with the analysis and sorting down the client requirement in a clear and understandable document.

Market Research: After sorting the requirements our team will provide a market research report that further detail the platform to be used and features to be added.

Wireframe: After the complete analysis and featured sorting, a detailed wireframe is developed for the customer.

Hire a dedicated team: Moving further, we assign a dedicated team of designers, developers, and testers on your project, ensuring complete dedication and timely delivery.

Complete UI/UX design: After the user interface of the product is reviewed by the assignor, our team starts with the pixel-perfect design for client’s final conceptual review.

Develop and Test: Now as the complete UI/UX is approved by the client, our dedicated team will start the development of the User Interface for the approval and then moving onwards we will start with database creation, integration of backend and finally functional implementation. Our development and testing phase goes side-on-side. If your app requires a backend then we will assist you by the cloud-based backend support such as AWS or Azure.

Launch: After the complete quality control, we will assist you in listing and launching of your app on the app store. We support you until your satisfaction.

Android application is largely beneficial for your business, apart from constantly increasing the number of users that increase visibility, other features include low investment, easy customization, and security.

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