Database Administration

AMS Experts’ is the 24/7  Database Administration service provider. Our service ensures complete reliability, scalability, and efficiency of your company database. It is a critical task that ultimately reduces IT budget, employee turnover, and cost of training a new replacement.

Get in peace and give the database operational need to our team of DBA experts. Our DBA service will help you to relieve from the vast database management.

Key Offerings:

  • Database Consulting: Our team evaluates the existing database environment and provide consultation for implementing the best technology for the desired outcome. We provide consultation for database design, data modeling, capability, performance and security audits.
  • Infrastructure and Security Analysis
  • Disaster Recovery Solutions
  • DBA activities such as database monitoring, maintenance plans, backups, log maintenance, database growth monitoring, patching, SQL upgrades, etc.
  • Remote DBA Services
  • Best Practices Audit – As part of the audit, we review the settings thoroughly that follows best practices for performance, and security. This helps you get the most of your investment and avoid another additional investment in hardware.
  • Security Configuration Audit
  • Performance Tuning
  • Routine Database Maintenance