Data governance is a collection of processes, standards, roles, policies, and metrics that ensure the effective and efficient use of information. A well-defined data governance strategy is fundamental for any organization.

For Data Governance, we offer framework design and implementation, audit and gap analysis, policy writing, regulatory compliance and other data governance related services.

Why Data Governance?

  • Decision Making: Creating a common business language to enable cross-departmental analysis and decisions
  • Data Quality and Lineage:Increasing data volumes from more and more sources, cause data inconsistencies, which are identified and addressed.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Requirements such as GDPR, making it more important to have a strong handle on what data is where, and how it’s being used
  • Analytics:Self-service reporting and analytics, create the need for standardizing the data across the organization

Data Governance aims at mapping existing needed data versus repositories and adherence to overall corporate processes and requirements while focusing on minimization, efficiency and security.

We have a Data Governance Program Methodology and a team of expert consultants to help your company to achieve a Data Governance ongoing framework that adheres to your “Corporate reality”.

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Our Methodology:

Research: Our analyst will provide you with a cutting-edge research study of data governance processes and technology. It helps you in deciding the technology, regulation, and solution that is best for data governance needs.

Strategy: Our team helps to create a strategical roadmap for bringing the process of governing how, whom, and when the data will be used. Our team will build a quality data governance initiation.

Implementation:We align the team to build a robust data governance program. Our experts coordinate with the relevant IT and business stakeholders to enable the latest technologies like MDM.