Why Data Integrity?

  • Data is the most important and critical asset of the organization. However, unreliable data can prove to be a disaster.
  • Trustworthy data is extremely important in making data-driven business decisions.

Data Integrity refers to the accuracy and consistency of the data over the entire lifecycle. Compromised or disoriented data is of little use for the enterprise as it may present inaccurate information and mislead decisions. Therefore, maintaining data integrity is a core focus of most organizations.

AMS Experts’ offers Data Integrity services to maintain the accuracy and consistency of data stored in the database, data mart, or data warehouse.

With continuous rising volumes of data due to new sources and latest systems, companies are facing challenges in maintaining the data and therefore causing data redundancies, duplication and inaccuracies. We help you resolve these issues, by implementing quality data integrity solutions that maintain the consistency and standardization of enterprise data.

Share your data challenges with us and see how we can make a difference.

Ask for our data integrity tool, Data Pulse., Data Pulse can help your staff monitor the data integrity issues they are dealing with.

Our Methodology:

  • Establish a data firewall that gives real-time reporting and monitoring.
  • Provide restrictions, constraints, and data quality rules.
  • Centralize data management resulting in single point of management of data from various sources.
  • Provide data gonvernance capabilities which establish end to end data quality