AMS Consulting Services

AMS/CRM is one of the most vital systems in the organization. No matter how advanced your AMS software is, there are always gaps between the business needs and the software. Maintaining an AMS or CRM is demanding and costly. The requirements to customize the system, create new reports, analytics, integration with external systems doesn’t stop. AMS Experts with years of experience in association industry can provide you the best and most cost-effective consulting service. We strive for quality, not the cost.

Our AMS/CRM Services Include:

  • Data Conversion
  • AMS/CRM customizations (back-office and website)
  • Setup and Configuration
  • Integration with external systems, such as CMS, LMS, etc.
  • Day-to-day support
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Data Management – Integrity, Quality, Consolidation, Governance, etc.
  • Develop external applications integrated with AMS system to enhance the functionality
  • SSO Integration

Key Offerings

  • Salesforce (Nimble, Fonteva) – Our certified professionals can assist you in taking your system to the next level. Be it a data migration, customization, setup and configuration, reporting and analytics, our experts are well versed with the technology and will provide you the best service.
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM (Cobalt, Protech) – We provide a full suite of services for Dynamics 365 CRM and related AMS, including configuration, administration, reporting, and analytics. We leverage Azure services such as Azure Data Factory, Logic App, Function App, and SQL Services to further extend the functionality.
  • netFORUM – AMS Experts is proud to be a Technology Partner with Community Brands. We can support all your netForum needs, whether it is reports development, data needs, eWeb, iWeb customizations or integration with external applications, we have got it all.
  • Personify – Personify is one of the AMS giants. It is a big and complex system with lots of moving parts. Therefore the system support, development and data management can be challenging, costly and frustrating. At AMS Experts we have a focused Personify team with extensive experience in all the areas of the system.

Why Us?

  • One stop shop for all your AMS needs
  • Team with great experience in working with various AMS/CRM system.
  • Years of field level experience in association
  • Our predictable support cost makes the service affordable for all
  • Associations one of the primary focus of the AMS Experts